In 2005, FIFA recognized beach soccer as an official sport and began governing the sport. Since its acceptance by FIFA, the 2011 USL Major Beach Soccer series is adopting the FIFA rules of the game for beach soccer. 

Want to know more? Simply click on the image on the right to view the 2008 FIFA Laws of the Game. In addition to the FIFA Laws of the Game adoption by USL Major Beach Soccer, the rules will also be explained during the coaches meeting prior to each tournament competition.

To view the primary rule changes adopted for the 2011 series and beyond, please select 2011 Major Beach Soccer Rule Changes.

Tournament documents will be available for download. If you have difficulty obtaining any of the forms or documents, please send an email to

Any or all of the following modifications are permissible:

  • size of the pitch;
  • size, weight and material of the ball;
  • width between goalposts, height of the crossbar from the ground;
  • duration of the periods of play;
  • number of players.

No amendments may be made to these Laws without the consent of the International Football Association Board.