What Startup Services Can You Get?

Successful businesses don’t just happen. Everything begins from the startup project and whether it works or not depends on lots of factors: how great the idea is, how important and valuable the product or service you provide, what kind of team you have, how all the processes are managed, and many many others. With that, IT leaders, when planning on a new project, should think carefully and, in plenty of cases, turn to professionals for consultation. For instance, almost every IT organization tries to implement the DevOps methodology to win the market. With that, they have two options available: either create an in-house DevOps team or turn to DevOps outsourcing companies that provide DevOps-related assistance including startup services. Why DevOps is crucial for IT businesses and what startup services you can get will be revealed in this article.

Why startups need DevOps

The undeclared wars between development and IT operations departments might be the reason why the startups do not make it to the end of the first year of their existence. Because when IT teams do not collaborate in one seamless flow, it doesn’t matter how talented and skillful these professionals are inside their teams. The high-quality software fast release and support is virtually impossible. And here we do not mean that they should unite in one team, it’s more about processes. Teams need a methodology that will streamline, automate and optimize their flows. That is why the DevOps methodology is so popular today! Consisting of two words ‘development’ and ‘operation’ DevOps implies a cultural shuffle that creates this seamless and fully automated flow for the teams. In brief, DevOps is a batch of practices that combines and automates work processes between teams, so they could develop, test, deploy and monitor top-notch software fast. 

What startup services can you get?

  1. Consulting. First of all, you can approach mature DevOps outsourcing companies to get consulting services. Service providers will help you refine the idea of your product. Their technology consulting also will help you prove to your investors you have a solid tech background.  
  2. Full package of IT services. When you come up with a startup idea, you need to prove its value and outcomes helping secure the initial investments. After that, the MVP development stage begins, followed by the scaling up period. DevOps outsourcing teams have experience with all stages of the startup lifecycle and deliver consulting services not only to startups but also to small businesses and global enterprises alike.
  3. Existing infrastructure improvement. If your ongoing infrastructure has serious drawbacks, overgrown its time, or has to be moved to the clouds, you can address these challenges to professional DevOps teams. Infrastructure optimization is needed to ensure top-notch efficiency of operations and ongoing startup software development. DevOps service providers will design and implement cloud infrastructure at any scale, supporting products and workflows from various industries.
  4. IT-outstaffing. As the product grows and new features have to be added, many startups find they require access to talents they cannot easily obtain. IT-outstaffing helps sort this out. 

Final thoughts

If your business idea is dear to you and you want your startup to thrive, don’t do everything yourself and address your problems and doubts professional experts. Mature DevOps companies will deal with your issues and help solve them.