Minecraft: General Description

Minecraft is a game created by the Swedish company “Mojang”, headed by the famous programmer and game lover Markus Persson, or better known as Notch. Once you learn more about it, you will definitely want to download Minecraft. The whole principle of the game is based on the so-called “sandbox” genre with elements of survival in the wild world of Minecraft.

The world of Minecraft is very huge and so consists of blocks of absolutely everything, from land and water, to monsters and even clouds. The game uses textures with a very low resolution, namely 16 by 16 pixels. All this is logical, because if such a huge world had cool graphics, you would need a Pentagon computer to play Minecraft. The game was written in Java and uses the so-called LWJGL libraries. Now every player can look for paper recipe minecraft and other guides on the network on specialized sites.

Minecraft. Types of worlds and mobs

There are several types of worlds in the game. There are three main types:

  • Default is the most popular world type. It looks like the real world. There are mountains, water, a variety of caves, and reservoirs. Minerals and various ores. In general, everything in the world would be like the real Earth.
  • Superflat is a customizable type of world with a flat surface. You can customize everything from biomes to planes.
  • Large Biomes – Similar to the previous type, but differs only in the size of the biomes. Here they are large. (Biomes are plains, steppes, deserts. In general, flat surfaces).

The game has a variety of monsters that crawl out mostly at night and will attack you. These are different spiders, zombies, creepers, skeletons and other predatory mobs. So there are also monsters that walk around during the day, mostly animals – pigs, cows, chickens, sheep. From all of these mobs you can extract various resources. Resources are useful to you when you start to build something. In fact, this is the whole point of the game. You can build anything in Minecraft. It just depends on your imagination. It’s just like the real world.

You can download the game Minecraft on your computer and start playing with your friends. That is, you can create a server that connects all your friends, and you can all together build their world and the whole city. The plus is that you can save the gameplay on the server. It’s also worth noting that in the game you can build a portal to hell and there to mine other more rare resources.

In general, to describe the entire gameplay is not possible in a few pages, because it is the same as to describe a human life. That’s why we advise you to download the game minecraft and start playing.

Versions of MineCraft

It is worth noting that the game is constantly being updated and there are a very large number of versions of MineCraft in which an inexperienced beginner can very easily get confused. We want to reassure you right away, especially for those who are just starting to play, there are structured versions of MineCraft. Now a newcomer won’t get confused, and can easily download the version he needs.