Alcohol’s effect on potency

Many men tend to believe that alcohol increases sexual desire, improves potency and makes intercourse more pleasant and longer. But the opponents of drinking alcoholic beverages say that in fact it is just an illusion. Alcohol has no positive impact on sex in general and on potency in particular, but its detrimental effect on the body in general and on the urogenital system in particular can later manifest itself as a serious problem. Is this true? Let’s try to find out.

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What happens after drinking alcohol?

Indeed, after drinking alcohol the first time a man may feel a certain surge of sexual activity, but this is only an illusion, nothing fixed in the physical plane. Conversely, after drinking alcohol your sexual potency decreases. That is why it is not uncommon that after a few drinks or glasses a man “screwed up” in bed. So what is the reason for this embarrassment? Alcoholic beverages contribute to a decrease in sex hormones. And this is the main biological factor responsible for male intimate health. In turn, one of the most important hormones – testosterone – is in some way responsible for the continuation of the species, as well as for how healthy the future child will be. And its level is also reduced by alcohol.

Thus, the negative effects of alcohol, if consumed with a certain frequency, can make themselves felt in a few years. Even if you drink in moderation and give preference to “cultural” alcoholic beverages. It is because of regular consumption of a couple of shots or a couple of glasses of beer that middle-aged men often lose their sexual desire and “taste of life”. And those who started drinking at a young age may have similar problems even earlier.

So what should you do?

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